St. John’s Property Management Services

We are available for a wide range of Property Management Services in St. John’s and surrounding areas and we are flexible to suit your individual needs:


Rent Your Property

Hire us to find a suitable tenant for your property while you remain the Landlord. We do everything from initial listing and advertising the property, making appointments with potential tenants, processing and approving applications, implementing the lease and condition report and handing the keys over to the tenant’s new home.


Manage Your Property

We can find a tenant and continue to manage the property or take over with your existing tenant. A few easy steps will get us on the way to simplifying your investment.


Property Monitoring

if you are away for short or extended periods of time enjoy the relief of knowing that your property is in good hands while we conduct as many visits as you require (we can even be listed as the first contact on your security contract)


Landlord & Tenant Mediation Services

We have extensive experience working within the Residential Tenancies Act if you need direction on how to proceed with a difficult relationship with your tenant and we can even act as your agent at Residential Tenancies if you need to proceed with a claim. In any situation we can act as the mediators between you and your tenant to reach a desired resolution and potentially avoid legal action.

Property Evaluation

Upon an initial property visit we can determine a fair market value for your home. We are involved in the rental industry on a daily basis and are already familiar with comparable properties allowing us to quickly evaluate a fair rental value for your home.

We Use Multiple Outlets to Get Maximum Exposure for Your Property

Our focus is a quick rental to a fully qualified tenant and advertising your property is always a priority. We use multiple outlets to get your property seen:

  • Professional Website with a combination of online advertising including various social media,
  • Property Signage
  • Established Industry Contacts
  • Tenant Wait Lists

We schedule viewings on a daily basis and as soon as possible for a potential tenant and complete the rental process from start to finish.

Tenant Retention

A Lease Renewal can you save you hundreds of dollars and we strive to keep tenants happy in your home thus minimizing tenant turnover and vacancy periods. A tenant relationship starts at the beginning and we focus on the details that will make tenants want to stay in your home.

Monthly Invoice Reports and Rental Payments

We don’t hold back rental payments – you receive them as soon as we do along with a detailed invoice of the previous month.

Tenant Evaluation & Screening

There is nothing more important than tenant screening and knowing who our tenants are. After all, we are intrusting them with your most valued investment. Our potential tenants complete a detailed application process and we verify credit and employment information, previous rental history and contact Personal References. Above all, the final choice is yours unless you decide to leave it in our professional hands.

Property Inspections

Tenants will always feel positive about property visits and you have the confidence of knowing that your property is being cared for. Schedule as many as you feel comfortable with and we will take care of it for you.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Tenants will always be able to reach us in case of an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will never let a call go unanswered.

Competent in house Maintenance

We value our maintenance staff who will respond to tenants request immediately and work to keep your cost at a minimum. During our years in the industry we have developed professional relationships with a roster of professional vendors who bring professional and knowledgeable experience to our clients.

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